Monday, March 8

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Thursday, June 11

Day 12: The Aftermath 2

Well here I am, on a public holiday, relaxing and recuperating. I think my body needs it. Ugh I feel like the day after you haven't gone to the gym for a year. Aching all over the place. Thanks to yoga goddess Shiva Rea. Now if I can inspire myself to get off my ass this evening (slept in this morning) to do a good session. Right.
Got up at 1:30am with more pain, so I had to warm the baggy thing to apply to the spot.
Had a beautiful shake this morning for breakfast: banana, apple, water, a shake of ground flax, sprinkling of oatmeal, a few dried cranberries, and a few almonds. Nomnomnommy.
Real food for lunch!: mixed rice with peas, fish, boiled plantain. OH so good oooooh soooo :) I appreciate food now more than ever.
Other fruits: watermelon, pear... so far.
Just a simple salad for dinner and maybe some soup.

Wednesday, June 10

Day 11: The Aftermath

Well, I'm retoxifying my body with drugs right after I've detoxed. Needless to say how annoyed I am, but I'm gonna get over it. It's a toss-up between health concern and being annoyed aout a compromised immune system due to the antibiotics. Incidentally it's a very strong type, and for 5 days. I'm also on 2 types of anti-inflammatory type drugs, and an antibiotic cream. Fabulous.
I had soup this morning, some lemon with water, more water, and a little V8.
Started the antibiotics this morning and with mom's advice took the rest of the stuff. Let's hope that's enough to murder anything odd going on in my body.
The warm compress helped a whooooole lot too. Guess I'll be doing that later.
In happier shinier news, I awoke early (considering body clock has gotten used to 5 am calls) and got to my amazing Shiva Rea session. Ooh it was long, but totally worth it. My legs feel like jelly and I got an excellent sweat. Whew.
I really could do with a little power nap now though.

Urgh... feeling a little woozy and icky - must be the shock of food and drugs in my system. Awesome.

3:48 pm

I feel good...nanananannanana I didn't know that I would nananannananana
Hehe. Ok it's SO good to have good tasting stuff in my body again! Ohhh. Well I had the rest of my soup, very watered down at lunch time, and just now went for a fruit punch at the little store obliquely opposite to us. SO AWESOME. A lovely scrumptious banana, pineapple, papaya and watermelon mix. Heavenly! I'm feeling way better, and no pain at all. Amazing!

7:49 pm

Fooooooooood oh chewable food how I love you so. I had the most fabulous lentil soup this evening, with a couple pieces of boiled cassava. Heavenly. A couple slices of baked eggplant worked themselves in there too. Oh YUM. I also had some yogurt just now to get my good back. Alas I had to resort to Yoplait Light - blech I hate artificial sweetened things. At least there are live cultures in that. Hurrah food!

Tuesday, June 9

Day 10: Master Cleanse

Right so, I made it to the minimum number of cleanse days. Hahaha I seriously don't know how people do this shit for longer periods. I need real food ooooooohhhh.
I can't really come up with any deeply introspective spiel about the benefits of this cleanse and such. I think I'm clean... Definitely cleaned out.
I got no sudden bursts of energy as such, no ridiculous creative sprees and insightful auditing periods. Maybe I should have done more yoga and meditation. Oh well... there's always that to do as I continue on my quest for...whatever. Yogini-dom? The switch to raw food? Mmm.
I've been prepping for that by looking up recipes for delicious fresh foods - they look so fabulous, and never before have I craved it so. Fresh yummy salads and sweet scrumptious fruits. Oh boy, to chew again! Bliss.
Aaaaanyway, it's June 9th and I have yet to do my June life-audit (copyright Anjeli) properly. I've been a little distracted and such, with too many things, and I really need to sit down, not listen to my audio book, not do crosswords, and just get it all out.
What's my next move?
My health binge is really taking over my life it seems, but I think it's necessary right now. I'm nearing 29, and it's high time. Overdue.
I think my mother is trying to get used to the idea (still) of my non-meat choices, and now raw. I bought some wheat bran on Saturday, hich I thought I'd add to random food just for the extra fibre, and she asked me for some recipes this morning. I should really print a bunch of stuff for her if she really ants to cook for me. I'm pretty ok with prepping stuff myself - a salad, some light dressing, fruit shakes, and other snackies."Real" food will have to be eaten in the smallest quantities though. It's all so unhealthy - yet so good. So good. Mmm pasta..sushi.. oh god. Someone shoot me.


No really, I think someone needs to shoot me. I am in pain (for other reasons). I don't know if doing the cleanse has riled up some otherwise silent goings-on in my body. I have a swollen boob. I kid you not. I am freaked the shit out. I think I have fever now too. What the hell?
And I have work o do. Fabulous. And my doctor won't answer his phones!!!!!


Right, so, doctor visit, albeit mortifying, I was a big girl about it. Sigh. I got antibiotics and a cream, and some anti-inflammatories. Fancy that. Detoxing, now refuckingtoxifying. Fuck. PLUS, I have to travel soon on a frigging on a frigging compromised immune system with H1N1 shit floating around. There are 2 cases in Trinidad (from 1 flight from NY I think, and 3 in Tobago) Wonderful! So super healthy foods I'll be eating. No weird stuff. I'm not going to worry about this. I really am not.

Monday, June 8

Day 9: Master Cleanse

Oooo boy, almost there, almost there. Can't quite believe I've made it so far. :)
Gawd I smell toast. Wednesday for sure... food... real food. Sort of. Soup counts. Hah Thursday is a public holiday here - fun fun fun. Have to buy some fruit on Wednesday.
So this had been interesting indeed. I'm not sure I'll quite rush out and do it again anytime soon (maybe for the new year), but it was a life experiment for sure.
I think I'll probably keep drinking the juice once a day if I can, or just my regular lemon/lime juice first thing in the morning.
Healthy eating that's for sure.
My upcoming trip is going to be a frigging disaster eating-wise because I know I'll be badly influenced with yummy pancakes :) Teehee. But yeah, salad, fruit, veggies, healthy things and just a touch of ... ice cream? Hahaha.
Ok ok I'm off to the grind. Joy.


I forgot to mention that my senses have really gotten a whack. I keep smelling everything. I am smelling things I probably shouldn't, that other people aren't picking up. My mother can't wait for me to start eating again. Gaaaaahhhhh. She's going to fucking overload me with food. I gotta get outta here!

Sunday, June 7

Day 8: Master Cleanse

I hate Sundays when mom makes the most delectable things that I can eat and today I can't have. Gawd. I can't wait for soup!!! This is the first time in my life I want soup so badly. Holy moly.
So I'm hungryish today. Vegging, chillin, listening to my audiobook and editing some photos.
I need to sleep away the day!


Hungry for real food. REAL FOOD. Oh my god. Everyone's such a tease. :(

Saturday, June 6

Day 7: Master Cleanse

So I made it to day 7. It's almost done and I'm not even halfway through my juice - of which I made only 6 cups today... the recommended amount. I have been drinking 8 for the past 6 days. I am not really hungry at all so drinking it is a bit of a chore.
*Only* 3 more days, then it's juice, and veggie soup. Yey!

How do I feel?
Right, well other than sort of happy to fit into some old clothes, I also feel slightly doomed. I'm so afraid of falling off the wagon again. But these are life changes though.

This morning I felt a little light-headed, but it's probably because I took too long to drink my juice. I woke up a little later than usual because I figured hey it's Saturday dammit.
Went off to the mall and picked up my new glasses, shopped and had a facial! Happiness in retail therapy.
I am overjoyed to buy a cute dress one size smaller than 2 weeks ago. Really glad I made it this far. I can see why people get addicted to this. I feel like throwing out my huge clothes now! Haha.
But anyway, my focus is on healthy eating and yoga. Hurrah!

8:40 pm

Gawd this juice is soo taking forever. Have a glass or so to go. Ugh!
My nose is slightly runny, but apparently this is expected. A lot of people have gotten flu-like symptoms around this time of the cleanse.

9:31 pm

Still drinking juice. Such a lazy Saturday. Not feeling to do anything.